Double-Ended Fleece Dog Training Lead

Double-Ended Fleece Dog Training Lead

£22.49 / unit(s)

The Xtra Dog training lead is the ideal lead for dog training and walking. Made from 2m of polar fleece (excluding the clips) and a webbing cover, it is soft on your hands and has a multitude of uses.

With its clips at both ends this lead combined with Xtra Dog's fleece walking harnesses is ideal for Tellington TTouch groundwork which can help your dog from pulling.

Alternatively, use the double clips to create a handle at one end for use as a conventional lead; or clip it off half way to make a shorter 3' lead.

Available in either a 1” width with a small clip at one end and a large clip at the other end, or  in a ¾” width with a small clip at both ends for small dogs.

Available in the same colours to match Xtra Dog Fleece Walking Harnesses.

Useful dog walking tip:   When walking a dog on the lead, a harness can prove a beneficial way to stop a dog from pulling. Many dogs pull on a lead but a harness takes pressure off the dog’s neck as the connection of the dog’s harness is closer to the dog’s centre of gravity. Many dog trainers and competitors, as well as pet owners use and recommend the use of harnesses. (Click here to see matching fleece harnesses)

Certain dogs are more receptive to being walked with a two-point contact (the lead attached at one end to the collar and the other end to the harness). This method, developed by Tellington TTouch in the USA, is ideal for a dog that naturally pulls and eliminates any perceived need for equipment like choke chains or pinch collars. Xtra Dog actively condemns the use of these so-called punitive methods of dog management and training.

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