Xtra Dog Fleece Walking Harness

Xtra Dog Fleece Walking Harness

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These harnesses, designed by Tellington TTouch Instructor Marie Miller, have an O-ring at the top plus one at the front so that they can be used with a double-ended lead. It becomes easy to stop your dog from pulling using Tellington TTouch leading and balancing techniques. These harnesses are designed and made by Xtra Dog and offer the following benefits:

• The only manufacturer of fleece harnesses to offer 11 standard fit sizes and a made-to-measure service  

• Front rings (as standard) are ideally positioned to re-balance pulling dogs  

• Carefully researched measurements for better clearance of the dog’s front legs  

• O-rings rather than D-rings - less wear on the webbing  

• Webbing matching the colour of the fleece - the most effective and stylish harness a dog can wear 

• Machine washable at low temperatures - do not tumble dry

• Recommended by trainers, behaviourists, Tellington TTouch practitioners and vets

• Seen on TV Bang Goes the Theory Featured in the press in the London Metro newspaper, Dogs Today magazine,Your Dog, Dogs Monthly, Dog Trainer Magazine etc.

When walking a dog on the lead the use of a harness can prove a beneficial way to stop it from pulling. A harness takes pressure off the dog’s neck and the connection of the lead is closer to the dog’s natural centre of gravity than it is when attached at the collar. Many trainers and competitors, as well as pet owners, use and recommend harnesses for dogs.

These harnesses have been specially designed with an O-ring at the top plus another one at the front so that they can be used with a double-ended lead. It becomes easy to stop your dog from pulling using Tellington TTouch* leading and balancing walking techniques. These harnesses are designed and made by Xtra Dog and are the only fleece harness on the market specifically designed for Tellington TTouch training and recommended and endorsed by TTouch Instructors and numerous practitioners.

Offered in 11 sizes, to fit dogs as small as teacup dogs to Irish Wolfhounds and everything in between, plus a special size for deep-chested dogs like Pointers and Vizslas. With a wide range of colours available (if you can't see the colour you are looking for please ask).

*Tellington TTouch leading exercises enable the dog to override old patterns of movement and behaviour without the use of fear or force. The groundwork improves co-ordination, confidence, focus, self control, balance and co-operation. For more details visit: www.ttouchtteam.com

Sizing Guide

Harness Size
Dog Breed
Rib Cage**

Teacup size dogs & very small tiny puppies

Rib Cage** 26 - 31cm    Neck** 26cm

26 - 31cm    26cm

Toy & very small dog breeds - inc. tiny puppies

Rib Cage** 36 - 45cm    Neck** 36cm

36 - 45cm 36cm

Very small dog - Yorkshire Terrier

Rib Cage** 42 - 54cm    Neck** 37cm

42 - 54cm 37cm

Small to medium Terrier-sized dogs or similar

Rib Cage** 43 - 61cm    Neck** 42cm

43 - 61cm 42cm
Small Medium

Mid-sized Dogs - Cocker Spaniel or similar

Rib Cage** 45 - 64cm    Neck** 46cm

45 - 64cm 46cm

Medium Sized Dogs - Husky Bitches, Smaller Dalmatians, Border Collies, Springer Spaniels, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bitches.

Rib Cage** 50 - 69cm    Neck** 58cm

50 - 69cm 58cm
Medium Deep

Medium Sized Dogs with a deep chest - Pointers, Vizslas, deep-chested Dalmatians & Weimaraners.

Rib Cage** 56 - 75cm    Neck** 61cm

56 - 75cm 61cm
Medium Large

Large Dog Breeds - Labradors, GSDs, Belgian Shepherds, Large Huskies or Similar

Rib Cage** 62 - 91cm    Neck** 67cm

62 - 91cm 67cm

Large Sized Dogs - Large Labradors, Standard Poodles, Large Flat Coated & Golden Retrievers,  Setters, Large GSD, etc...

Rib Cage** 64 - 93cm    Neck** 73cm

64 - 93cm 73cm

Very Large Dogs - Malamute, Rottweiler, etc...

Rib Cage** 72 - 103cm    Neck** 73cm

72 - 103cm     73cm

Giant Breed Dogs - Wolfhounds, Bernese Mountain, etc...

Rib Cage** 92 - 125cm    Neck** 96cm

92 - 125cm 96cm


** Please Note : To correctly measure your dog, measure him or her for the 'Rib Cage' behind their front legs and around the rib cage.  Then for the 'Neck Size' you need to measure starting at the Point of Breastbone and pulling the tape snugly around the base of the neck and then back to the Point of Breastbone.  This is not a collar measurement, if you are unsure where to measure please watch the video at http://xtdog.me/measure  

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