Woof & Brew Herbal Dog Tea - Skin & Coat Blend

Woof & Brew Herbal Dog Tea - Skin & Coat Blend

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WOOF & BREW - Healthy Herbal Dog Tea for Skin & Coat

Maintaining and enhancing skin and coat condition.  Also helps to reduce allergy and skin condition symptoms.



Burdock, Dandelion, Flax, Nettle, Seaweed & Rooibos.

All the herbs used in the blends are left intact, rather than ground, to provide optimum nutritional benefits.

How do each of these herbs benefit ?

BURDOCK Natural antioxidant, contains minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, silicon & riboflavin - vit B2.  It has been long known to herbalists as a blood purifier and can help increase blood supply to the skin, detoxifying and cleansing the skin of impurities.  It's also recognised as beneficial for skin conditions such as recurrent abcesses and eczema.

DANDELION - helps to cleanse blood & the liver.  Rich in vit A,C,D,E,K&B complex and is high in anti oxidants; these together with its mild diurectic action help flush toxins and impurities from the body, including the skin.

FLAX packed with fatty acids, tannins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  The combination of active ingredients in flax helps promote a glossy, shiny coat.  Dogs prone to dry, itchy skins will particularly benefit from Flax.

NETTLE Rich in iron & iodine makes it great for nutritional support & pigmentation and has been shown to help minimise symptoms of allergies, eczema and insect bite reactions.

SEAWEED high levels of vits & minerals, providing nutritional aid for coat & pigmentation.  It's content of minerals such as Iodine also helps to improve general skin condition, especially in dogs with a slow metabolism.

ROOIBOS Packed with antioxidants & Vit C makes it great for skin & is known as a top natural tonic for the immune system too.  This helps towards reducing symptoms of allergic reactions in the skin.

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