Woof & Brew Herbal Dog Tea - Posh Pooch Blend

Woof & Brew Herbal Dog Tea - Posh Pooch Blend

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WOOF & BREW - Healthy Herbal Dog Tea for Posh Pooches

Taking pampered pooches to a new level, Posh Pooch:  The Original Blend is truly the Champagne of teas for dogs.  This elegant and exclusive combination of flowers and herbs with help keep your chic anc classy canine in the impeccable condition necessary to cope with the day-to-day stress of being just so absolutely fabulous.



Rose Petals, Lavender, Devils Claw, Orange Flowers, Skullcap, Astragalus & Lime Flower.

All the herbs used in the blends are left intact, rather than ground, to provide optimum nutritional benefits.

How do each of these herbs benefit ?

DEVIL'S CLAW - has a pronounced anti inflammatory effect, ideal for any stiffness in those graceful muscles and joints.

SKULLCAP a natural anxiety-relieving herb to help counteract the nervous tension inherent in the posh pooch lifestyle.

ASTRAGALUS has a well know effect in helping to strengthen the immune system, so will help to avoid the hectic social whirl of a posh pooch resulting in coughs and colds and other stress related infections.

LIME FLOWERS add a relaxing tinge to the blend, helping soothe away the strains of a busy day.

ORANGE FLOWERS - apart from giving a pleasant citrus edge to the blend - act as an aid to normal digestion and also help ensure a good night's sleep.

LAVENDER has been used for centuries as a natural calming and settling herb, helping your posh pooch to cope with the hurly burly of modern life, especially when travelling long distances.

ROSE PETALS add the final touch of luxury to this finest of blends, like orange flowers they are an aid to healthy digestion, and they are also know as an aid to relieving headaches - and after all, it must be quite a headache to cope with the daily grind of staying so posh, so peerless and so perfect.

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