Woof & Brew Herbal Dog Tea - Performance Blend

Woof & Brew Herbal Dog Tea - Performance Blend

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WOOF & BREW - Healthy Herbal Dog Tea for Performance

If your dog is a working dog, or loves to take part in agility or other performace activites - or is simply a high octane, high energy, all action character, our Performance blend is the ideal drinking parnter.



Astragalus, Fenugreek, Ginseng, Lime Flower & Rooibos.

All the herbs used in the blends are left intact, rather than ground, to provide optimum nutritional benefits.

How do each of these herbs benefit ?

ASTRAGALUS known as an 'adaptogen' - a herb that helps the body cope with stress and reduce the likelihood of developing disease.  Ideal for an active / outgoing dog who tends to love overdoing things.

FENUGREEK has a long history of use for ameliorating digestive symptoms in particular.  Also helps to keep appetite, food absorption and bodyweight in balance, promoting peak performance & condition.

GINSENG used to energise the physical body, balance the immune system and promote mental clarity and sense of well being, helping to eliminate exhaustion & weakness.

LIME FLOWER - Rich in flavonoids and other natural substances that help to naturally relieve stress, but also promote healthy blood flower and have been shown to lower blood pressure.  Also a great support for immune systems.

ROOIBOS - High in Vit C and rich in many powerful natural anti-oxidants (37 in all!), minerals & alpha-hydroxy-acid.  All things an immune system likes and needs!.

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