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The Clik-R is an extremely versatile clicker. Created by world famous dog trainer, Terry Ryan, the Clik-R has an ergonomic design so that it fits comfortably in your hand. The raised button makes it easy to click; you can even put the Clik-R on the floor and click it with your foot. In addition, a stretchy finger strap on the back allows you to secure these clickers to your finger so that you never have to fumble around for your clicker or worry about holding onto it while you're trying to deal with treats and rewarding your dog. The noise the Clik-R makes is not too loud and not too soft. Size is 2.75" x 1.5". Loop on end allows you to attach to a key ring.

Designer of the Clik-R is world famous dog trainer Terry Ryan who is also well known for her Chicken Camp, where dog trainers can have the chance to clicker train chickens ... why we hear you ask, Terry Ryan explains;

"Trainer’s are not “bonded” to their chickens.  Chickens do not have big brown eyes.  Trainers do not have bad (or good!) chicken training habits because they’ve never trained a chicken before, thus avoiding the baggage often taken to dog training workshops.  You will not be showing your chickens at the next performance event, nor will you be taking them home, so there is no pressure on what will happen in the future.  You probably do not have a library full of chicken training books and DVD's to influence you, much less televisions shows on chicken training.

Training a chicken is a stretch and a boost to your mechanical skills. The average chicken is faster than the average dog, giving you a chance to improve your coordination and timing.

Chickens will freeze or fly away if they don’t like the way you are training them.  Unlike dogs, you will know immediately if you are taking advantage of a chicken or pushing too hard too fast.  Chickens don’t give their trainers a second chances as often as our dogs do." 

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