Natural Instinct: Pure Duck Food *Collection Only*

Natural Instinct: Pure Duck Food *Collection Only*

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Please Note:  Only available for local delivery or collection from our premises in Churchill, Nr Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

Suitable as an alternative food for dogs or cats that have an allergy to chicken this product can be used as a treat meal every now and then or as a base to which you can add your own ingredients for a balanced meal.


British duck with bone (100%)

Please Note:  This is a complete frozen raw dog food.  So only available on next day delivery (only despatched Monday - Thursday).

Available in 2 x 500g and 1kg packs.
Analysis: Moisture 64.50%, Protein 16.30%, Fat 13.80%, Fibre 0.50%, Calcium 1.30%, Phosphorus 0.80%, Sodium 0.10%, Inorganic Matter 4.50%.

Feeding Guidelines

Variable factors like lifestyle, appetite and temperament can all impact on a pet’s eventual weight, which is why there's no substitute for knowing one's pet. Natural Instinct recommend that a healthy hound should have a natural waist and that you should be able to feel (but not see) its ribcage. For guidelines on portion sizes and frequency for all pets, please see below

Adult Dogs

As a rule of thumb, an adult dog should eat around 2-3% of its ideal body weight per day (e.g. a 10kg dog should eat roughly 200g of food per day).

For Natural Instinct's Feeding Calculator click here.

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