Hilton Herbs - Mud Defender - Beat the Wet!

Hilton Herbs - Mud Defender - Beat the Wet!

Prepare for the wet and the mud with Hilton Herbs internationally field-trialled Mud Defender supplement! 

Mud Defender was formulated to help support a natural resistance to mud-dwelling bacteria and has been field trialled over the winter of 2013/2014 in the UK, France and the USA with great success. Click here to see Hilton Herbs Mud Defender video.

The supplements ingredients have been selected for their ability to:

  • Supply the Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3 & 6 required to support the skin's epidermal layers integrity, strength, condition and resistance to mud-dwelling bacteria.
  • Provide the amino acids needed for Keratin production that forms the first line of defence in hair and skin
  • Supply the Zinc and Vitamin B vitamins needed to help synthesise Keratin
  • Support the body's overall immune response
  • Support cell renewal and regrowth of skin and hair
  • Support healthy skin and coat condition. 

Ingredients:  Cooked Linseed Meal, Brewers Yeast, Garlic, Kelp (Ascosophyllum nodosum), Calendula flowers, Echinacea Root, Liquorice root.

How to use:  Hilton Herbs herbal supplements should be added to normal feed on a daily basis with the recommended amount being split between two feeds.  Introduce gradually as with any new feed or supplement and build up to the maximum amount for your horse or pony's height over a period of several days.  Allow 3-4 weeks for the herbs to be completely absorbed by the animal's system.

Full instructions will be found on the packaging or in Hilton Herbs VIDEO GUIDE.  The quantity of product added to your horse or pony's feed can be slightly increased or decreased, depending on the circumstances as, like humans, all horses & ponies are individuals.  Very often a lower maintenance amount, will be sufficient for a horse or pony that is going to be kept on the herbs long-term.

Directions for usemake allowances for type : 50ml scoop included

Up to 12.2hh : 1 scoop daily
12.2hh to 14.2hh: 2 scoops daily
14.2hh to 15.2hh : 3 scoops daily
15.2hh to 16.2hh : 4 scoops daily
16.2hh+ : 4 to 5 scoops daily

Did you know ?

Hilton Herbs include Steamed Linseed in both our Mud Defender and Bye Bye Itch supplements. This palatable plant is a rich source of the Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3 & 6, that when fed can help support the skin's integrity, strength, condition and resistance to both mud dwelling bacteria and seasonal allergens.

2kg Bag available to order in.

Please Note:  Picture also shows lotion (sold seperately)

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