Hilton Herbs - Cush-X

Hilton Herbs - Cush-X

Natural Endocrine Balance & Support

A pure dried herbal product that has been used successfully by many Hilton Herbs customers to help their dogs maintain a balanced endocrine system.

As part of her BSc degree in herbal medicine Hilton Herbs herbalist Hilary Self was required to undertake clinical trials. Hilary took the opportunity to trial a single herb called Vitex agnus castus.  In response to the findings of this trial she then formulated Cush X for both dogs and horses.  Owners have reported excellent results with this mix, especially with older dogs that struggle to shed their coats.  Safe to use in conjunction with conventional medication.

Contains: Vitex agnus castus seed, Goats rue herb, Bilberry fruit, Artichoke leaf, Milk Thistle seed, Golden rod herb, Burdock.

Directions for use:  There is a 2.5ml scoop inside each bag.

Full instructions will be found on the packaging or in Hilton Herbs VIDEO GUIDE.

Add to dog's feed on a daily basis, dividing the required amount between two meals where possible for best results.  Introduce slowly, especially if your dog has not had supplements before and allow up to four weeks for benefits to be seen.

5 kg -     ½  x 2.5ml scoop per day -125g bag will last approx 6 plus months
10 kgs - 1 x 2.5ml scoop per day -   125g bag will last approx 4 months
20 kgs - 2 x 2.5 ml scoops per day -125g bag will last approx 2 months
30 kgs - 3 x 2.5 ml scoops per day -125g bag will last approx 6 weeks 
40 kgs - 4 x 2.5ml scoops per day -  125g bag will last approx 1 month
50 kgs - 6 x 2.5 ml scoops per day - 125g bag will last approx 20 days

If my dog is receiving conventional medication from my Vet such as Veterol, is it safe to use Cush X as well?

Many of Hilton Herbs customers have used Cush X in conjunction with conventional medicines such as Veterol, however you should always discuss this with your vets first. Veterinary medicine should never be reduced or discontinued without first seeking your vets advice. 

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