Billy + Margot Whitefish & Potato Biscuits

Billy + Margot Whitefish & Potato Biscuits

£3.99 / unit(s)

Made from 100% whitefish and potato (and nothing else) these crunchy & tasty treats are packed with natural goodness to promote health and wellbeing.

Both fish and potato are hypo-allergenic foods that are ideal for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities.
Billy + Margot little story: When Louis was a year old he suffered from cracked pads. Our vet suspected food allergies and for three months he was put on the best elimination diet there is which is white fish and potato. I did not want to resort to commercial food so I decided to cook his white fish and potato food myself. However, not giving such a young dog treats was both heart breaking and it also made it more difficult for us to train him. For this reason, I started making little balls of white fish and mashed potato that I would bake for 10 mns. This resulted in great treat alternatives. The good news is we were able to quickly identify that beef was the culprit and I am pleased to say that Louis’ paws are now healthy and normal. These treats are basically the same as what I made myself.

Produced in England by a Defra approved factory. The fish is carefully selected from sustainable sources with full traceability from EU waters.

Benefits: Low in calories / non sticky and non smelly (ideal in pockets) / hypoallergenic / crunchy and tasty

Composition: min 60% Fish (100% Fresh Whitefish),Potato

Analytical constituents: Crude Protein 20.8%, Crude oil & fats: 0.6%, Crude Ash: 2%, Crude Fibre: 0.2%