Hilton Herbs - Kitty Komfort

Hilton Herbs - Kitty Komfort

Every animal will occasionally experience an upset tummy, and this is usually a swift and healthy reaction to something it has eaten that doesn't agree with it.  However longer lasting digestive irritation can have a debilitating effect on your pet's health.  Hilton Herbs believe that by using soothing, gentle, herbs we can help support normal, calm, and steady digestion and bowel function, thus maintaining a natural and healthy digestive balance. Click here to see our Kitty Komfort video.

Please allow up to four weeks for full benefits to be seen.

Contains 1:3 tinctures of Slippery elm inner bark, Echinacea purpurea root, Chamomile flowers, Barberry stem bark, Liquorice root, Agrimony herb and vegetable glyerine.

Directions for use: Click here for video guide.

Give 4 drops per 2.2lb (1kg) bodyweight twice daily.  This means that each 1.69 fl oz (50ml) bottle will last an average 10lb (4kg) cat approx 30 days using 16 drops twice daily.  If preferable give 30 mins before food to help faster assimilation, but do not worry if this is not possible.  They can be added to a small amount of food or broth or just added to their normal feed.

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