Hilton Herbs - Herballs

Hilton Herbs - Herballs

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Hilton Herballs - The Ultimate Treat!

No molasses or added sugars so "suitable for horses or ponies prone to laminitis".

The most natural way to give your horse a treat.  Hilton Herbs fantastically tasty Herballs are completely free from molasses, artificial sugar and flavourings making them "Suitable for horses or ponies prone to Laminitis".  Remember it’s not just horses and ponies that love Herballs, even dogs, llamas and even chinchillas love them too!  Click here to see our Physio and Stretching demonstration  video.

Ingredients:  Garlic, Mint herb, Oregano herb, Rosemary herb blended with Alfalfa, Linseed and Wheat Flour.

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