Dorwest Herbs Easy-Green Powder for Dogs and Cats

Dorwest Herbs Easy-Green Powder for Dogs and Cats

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A complementary food to supplement the diet by providing essential nutrients, particularly useful for those using natural feeding regimes.  Due to the properties of the plants this product also helps prevent overheating and so is ideal to cool the skin of those with skin conditions.


Finely powdered Spinach, Parsley and Watercress


Small dogs & cats 1 measure; Medium dogs 2 measures; Large dogs 3 measures; Giant breeds 4 measures.

Measure included in pack and equivalent to a half teaspoonful.

Use during pregnancy and lactation:


Age from which can be used:

8 weeks of age


Can be give in conjunction with any other medication

Long or short term use:

Long or short term use, may be given indefinitely as a supplement to the diet.

Always read the label.

This combinations of three plants provides an ideal way to ensure your pet gains the benefits from feeding these 'super green foods' without the hassle of preparing them yourself.  All three plants area a rich source of nutrients including iron, vitamin C, chlorophyll, calcium and magnesium.  The quick air-drying process used to produce this fine powder ensures maximum nutrients are retained and provides them in a form that cats and dogs can easily digest.  Spinach and Watercress contain anti-oxidants and Parsley has anti-histamine compounds thus making it helpful to prevent overheating and beneficial for those suffering from hot itchy skin.

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