Dorwest Herbs Doggy Detox Tablets

Dorwest Herbs Doggy Detox Tablets

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A dietary supplement to complement the diet by providing natural compounds, rich in anti-oxidants, that aid the removal of toxins and elimination of odours.

Active ingredients:

Ascophyllum nodosum 150mg; Extract Parsley Leaf 5:1 12.5mg; Sodium Copper Chlorophyllum 8mg, Peppermint Oil 2mg.


Small dogs & cats 1 tablet; Medium dogs 2 tablets; Large dogs 3 tablets; Giant breeds 4 tablets daily.

Use during pregnancy and lactation:


Age from which can be used:

8 weeks of age


Can be given in conjunction with any other medication

Long or short term use:

Recommended to be given for a minimum of one month

Sugar coated tablet:


Always read the label.

Modern living can affect our pets too.  They can benefit from a de-tox course to aid the removal of toxins that can accumulate from the environment, some conventional drug therapies and over processed foods.  This unique combination is formulated to help the removal of toxsins from the body and also neutralise those unpleasant doggy smells.  

Contains three 'super green foods' renowned for their detoxification and purification properties.  Ascophyllum absorbs impurities such as heavy metals and eliminates them from the system.  Parsley has a high concentration of chlorophyll to neutralise bad smells and for body purification and detoxification.  Chlorophyllin, a derivative of chlorophyll that has powerful anti-oxidant and detoxification properties.  Peppermint cleanses the digestive tract, settles digestion and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the gut.

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