Dorwest Herbs Cod Liver Oil Capsules for Dogs and Cats

Dorwest Herbs Cod Liver Oil Capsules for Dogs and Cats

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An easy way to give a controlled amount of this valuable oil which is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A & D, essential for the absorption of calcium to maintain strong healthy bones. Helps maintain mobile and supple joints and assists in supporting a healthy circulation in dogs and cats. The energy from Cod Liver Oil is released slowly to give energy, so is a useful addition to the diet of working dogs.

Active ingredients:

Cod Liver Oil 315mg, Gelatin, Glycerin.


1 capsule per 10kgs bodyweight daily

Use during pregnancy and lactation:


Age from which can be used:

8 weeks of age


Can be given in conjunction with any other medication, but see additional information below.

Long or short term use:

May be given long term, but especially beneficial during the winter months.

Additional information:

It is not recommended to be given at the same time as Wheatgerm Oil as the benefits of both oils may be reduced, however these oils can be given on alternate days to provide a range of benefits.

Always read the label.


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