Dogrobes - Dog Drying Coat

Dogrobes - Dog Drying Coat

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Dogrobes come in all dog breed sizes, from Chihuahua to Newfoundland, and are available in three classic colours: rednavy and green as well as NEW Limited Edition pink and Limited Edition grey.

We are proud to tell you that Dogrobes are Made In Britain.


An innovative fabric, exclusive to Dogrobes

Dogrobes are handmade from a luxurious towelling fabric. The blend is 80% cotton, 20% polyester. This innovative fabric has longer loops on the inside, which absorb more moisture from the dog’s coat. The fabric has a softer, thicker feel and is exceptionally durable and long-lasting.  As it’s single layered and breathable, the unique fabric dries more quickly for reuse. Would you believe that it is also snag-proof? You can even take a wire brush over it and it won’t catch. Dogrobes are machine washable at 40°C.

A unique design

The reason customers love Dogrobes so much is because they fit really well and cover the dog’s underbelly and hind quarters – the exact areas that need drying the most. Dogrobes are simple to fit and easy to wear as the unique design has no awkward straps or leg holes for your dog to get tangled in. Plus there’s no scratchy Velcro that can get stuck on coats, unnerve some dogs and make laundering a headache. What’s more, each Dogrobe is reinforced at key stress areas meaning it’s a match for the most vigorous of dogs! Years of experience have gone into producing the best design possible – there’s more to a Dogrobe than you might think.

Size matters…

Before ordering, we recommend you measure your dog’s girth to get the best fitting Dogrobe. All the information you need is in the Measuring Guide below.

How does your dog measure up?

Finding the right size of Dogrobe couldn’t be easier. Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  •  Grab a tape measure and measure around the girth of your dog (the deepest part of his chest) to find out how many inches or centimetres he is.

Dogrobes Measuring Guide

  • Check out the table below to find out which size category your dog’s girth measurement falls into. Should you find your dog is between sizes, opt for the size up. The girth measurement is in fact equal to the length of the Dogrobe – from the collar to a few inches over the hindquarters.
MINI 16 inches/41cm Yorkshire Terrier
TOY 20 inches/51cm Jack Russell
XS 24 inches/61cm Cocker Spaniel
S 26 inches/66cm Springer Spaniel
M 30 inches/76cm Border Collie
L 32 inches/81cm Labrador
XL 36 inches/91cm German Shepherd
XXL 40 inches/101cm Great Dane
XXXL 44 inches/112cm Newfoundland

Dogrobes have multiple uses. Use them to dry their dogs after going out to exercise in all weathers, after beach or agility fun, woodland walks or riverside swims. Others use them after wet work and training, hydrotherapy sessions and baths. Here are some of the other benefits of using Dogrobes:

  • A wet Dogrobe will cool a dog in hot weather
  • Dogrobes shield surroundings from grit, mess and muck
  • They help keep coats flat when travelling to dog shows
  • Dogrobes melt ‘snowballs’ on dogs’ underbellies
  • Dogrobes protect upholstery and furniture from dampness and nasty smells
  • Wearing a Dogrobe can comfort an anxious, fearful or over-excited pet
  • Perfect for swimming/grooming dogs who don’t like hairdryers/blasters
  • Great when grooming curly dogs to maintain curls
  • They help comfort dogs who tremble when wet
  • Mask smells and odours
  • Prevent soiling of furniture/carpets when ointments are applied
  • Ideal for holidays in caravans and motorhomes where space is limited
  • Prevent dog coat matting caused by vigorous towel drying
Get the perfect fit

Fitting a Dogrobe couldn’t be easier. Follow these simple steps.

  • Pop the Dogrobe over your dog’s head
  • Straighten it out over his back
  • Draw the ties up on each side of his body
  • Tie loosely on top – on either side of his spine.

Different dogs will have different drying times but generally, leave the Dogrobe on for around 30 minutes and then take it off when it’s damp.

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