Barker & Barker Garlic Powder 150g

Barker & Barker Garlic Powder 150g

£5.99 / unit(s)

Garlic provides many natural properties that can help your dog remain fit and healthy. Our garlic pot is an excellent natural way to help boost you dogs immune system, lower blood pressure and cleanse your dogs blood of cholesterol. Garlic can also help prevent internal parasites and if given regularly with meals, will help to keep them free of fleas. Garlic has also been used to help digestive problems and respiratory problems.

One of the original canine superfoods.

*  Boosts immune system

*  Helps fight bacterial/viral/fungal infections

*  Detoxifies the liver

*  Cardiovascular tonic - reduces cholesterol

*  Tick/flea/worm repellent

Recommended Daily Feeding Guide:

Can be used in just one meal or spread over all meals in one day, according to your dog's preference.

Allow periodic days off.  We recommend using Garlic for 5 out of every 7 days.

Small dogs <10kg: 1/4 tsp

Med. dogs 10-23kg: 1/2 tsp

Large dogs >24kg+: 3/4 tsp

NOTE: Garlic should NOT be fed to puppies under 8 weeks old or to pets with a pre-existing anaemic condition or to those scheduled for surgery

Keep in an airtight container

Composition:          Garlic powder

Nutritional information:

Carbohydrate            75%

   Sugars                  25%

   Dietary Fibre         12.5%

Protein                    15%

Moisture                   7%

Minerals                   2%

Vitamins                <1%

Sodium                    Trace

Oils & fats                0%

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